Build – Operate – Transfer

Build Operate Transfer

With Prime Potential Informatics BOT Model, you get the benefit of a trusted partner to setup your subsidiary efficiently for a time period. After the completion of the decided span, we transfer the assets and handover the operations along with manpower to you. In other words, we create a dedicated offshore development center for your growing business requirements. Added to this, you also get support of innovative and cost-effective solutions for your expansion plans. .

Prime Potential Informatics with its unparalleled flexibility and scalability has supported its various clients with the BOT model, providing them with a quality package of people, process and technology.

We ensure a swift start up of your operations in the most cost-effective and proficient method. Your subsidiary has access to amenities and resources that reduces your attrition and increases your security.

From helping you select the "best of breed" tool to providing a full suite of BI solutions, Prime Potential Informatics incrementally architected datamart approach and best practices deliver faster, better, and cheaper data solutions. W always have delivered BI solutions to enterprises globally. Some of the best known brands trust us with Business Intelligence needs. We serve large and midmarket clients. We serve a lot of different industries including Financial Services, Risk, FMCG and Communications. .

Phase I - Build

Appropriate infrastructure, facilities and team form the foundation of any project. We set up your offshore development center according to your requirements and specifications in a phased and carefully managed process. All the details like the infrastructure, space to be allocated, hardware and software needs together with a team with the required set of skills are extensively worked on..

Phase II - Operate

We take care of all your operations for a decided time period. We run you operations with complete responsibility as per the decided objectives to ensure effective results. However, the financial and the operational ownership of the project stays entirely with the client. We ensure a smooth flow of the various processes..

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