Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management

In this era of digital disruption and an ongoing integration of technologies, customers are much more informed, connected and demanding. They have their choices, multiple channels to interact in and provide their opinion. It is a challenge to integrate all this to incorporate preferences and dislikes across offerings in order to woo customers. Add to this the challenge of having excessive data and a de-centralized view of the customer which makes customer acquisition all the more exacting .

Inbound & Outbound Customer Care

By providing a professional customer care service we guarantee issues will be addressed and resolved successfully.

Referral Coordination

Our specialists are here to save you invaluable time..

SMS & Chat Support

Our SMS & Chat Support agents provide quick response times to your patient’s service issues and inquiries.

Inbound & Outbound Patient Retention Campaigns

Let TrueShore’s experts manage your sales funnel, reach out to your patients, and set your appointments..

Insurance Authorization Support

Our skilled staff will ensure this crucial task is performed efficiently.

Patient Marketing

Appointment scheduling, general inquiries, medical records & collections.

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