Healthcare sectors have been witnessing technology penetration, both on process and medical fronts over the last few years. Consequently, the healthcare industries, to stay ahead in market, opt for specialized professionals that can help them process their internal healthcare functions.

Most healthcare industries face some challenges, such as increasing administrative costs, expensive healthcare and inefficient handling of their clients and customers. These challenges and dearth of expertise to handle them brought upon increasing cost pressures, mismanaged patients care and slow performance progress. Clearly, the industries opt for outsourcing as the best alternative to streamline their non-core activities on lower investment. .

To sum up, healthcare bpo is prudent choice leading outsourcers to cost-effective, reliable and efficient services that can transform their in-house support functions in entirely a new way. .

Therefore, We at Prime Potential Informatics are always there to cater your non-core process and help you to minimize your costs. .

Inbound & Outbound Customer Care

By providing a professional customer care service we guarantee issues will be addressed and resolved successfully.

Referral Coordination

Our specialists are here to save you invaluable time..

SMS & Chat Support

Our SMS & Chat Support agents provide quick response times to your patient’s service issues and inquiries.

Inbound & Outbound Patient Retention Campaigns

Let TrueShore’s experts manage your sales funnel, reach out to your patients, and set your appointments..

Insurance Authorization Support

Our skilled staff will ensure this crucial task is performed efficiently.

Patient Marketing

Appointment scheduling, general inquiries, medical records & collections.

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