Information Security

Our Security Philosophy

We understand the sensitivity and importance of the security of your data and information. Our security philosophy is a guiding principle of our core values.

  • Commitment to confidentiality of information
  • Continual check and internal control on safety of information
  • Non disclosure of work and process models of client companies
  • Restricted access to important information

Non Disclosure Agreement

Giving contractual validity to our commitment to security, we encourage all our customers to sign a mutual Non Disclosure Agreement with us..

Experienced Professionals

Prime Potential Informatics employees are recruited from the top colleges and companies in the region, and bring valuable real world experience to our team. Associates are exposed to both technical and client relationship training on a continuous basis as we encourage rotation of our associates to onsite job locations...

Systems Security

Enterprise Access System for Employee Login:

Secure Biometric Finger Print Scanner Premises Access:

Network protected with firewall:

Paperless office. No printers available to any staff.

No Copy & Duplicate Policy.

WorkStation Security

Wide security management with administrative auditing, reporting, and monitoring facilities will secure data at every stage:

Limited internet access on need-basis – No personal emails access

Network protected with firewall:

No facility of external drives (CD drives, Floppy drives, USB ports) available in the workstations.

Workstations secured individually by Anti-Virus and Firewall Protection.

Employee Credibility

Security is about people and their credibility. Right from the stage of recruitment we set integrity and trustworthiness among the most non negotiable qualities of an employee.

Tested methods of evaluation of capability and integrity while recruiting – several rounds of testing Background and referral checks

Employees sign in confidentiality agreement with the company before induction

Core information shared only within a limited group of people

Constant monitoring.

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