Prime Potential Informatics, services for insurance companies provide national and international insurers with high class operational service and enhance agility and free up resources in ways that help them generate new business. Our Insurance services are aligned with industry bench-marked practices and metrics-based quality norms. These help businesses reduce operational costs and enhance turn-around-time.

How We Help Insurance Companies

Cost Containment-
No question this is one of the primary advantages of outsourcings as it converts fixed costs in variable ones. Further, performing non-core functions offshore can cut those costs by as much as 50%..

Non-Core Functions
It just makes sense to concentrate management’s efforts on the functions that are “core” to the insurance business. Yet most companies waste valuable time managing simplistic processes better handled by us...

New customer segments and distribution channels
Although slow to change, the insurance industry is changing. The number of Career Agents continues to drop while more and more companies are adopting DTC (Direct to Consumer) strategies. We know where to get the leads and how to qualify them for an internal sales force...

We offer insurance policy management services (monitoring and tracking renewals, securing quotes, issuing cover notes, securing/reviewing policy documents, preparing invoices, monitoring collection of premiums, following up amounts receivable etc)

Our insurance outsourcing solutions not only support the key stages of the value chain across the customer lifecycle but at an enterprise level too. They cover.

  • Marketing, Sales and Distribution
  • New Business On-boarding
  • Claims and Policy Management
  • Customer Communications Management
  • Inbound and Outbound Customer Care
  • Analytics and Compliance
  • Social Media Analytics & Camapigns
  • Enterprise Services (Finance and Accounting, Human Resource Services, Legal and Compliance)

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