Pre Sales Management

Pre Sales Management

In this era of digital disruption and an ongoing integration of technologies, customers are much more informed, connected and demanding. They have their choices, multiple channels to interact in and provide their opinion. It is a challenge to integrate all this to incorporate preferences and dislikes across offerings in order to woo customers. Add to this the challenge of having excessive data and a de-centralized view of the customer which makes customer acquisition all the more exacting .

What is Pre Sales?

Pre Sales includes the entire activities involved in preparing to engage with prospects, clients and others and includes specific responses to client requests. A Typical Pre-sales support activities include:

  • Responding to client requests
  • Supporting client visits
  • Visiting clients and/or making presentations:
  • Competitor Analysis and market scanning
  • Sales Support
  • Interfacing with other internal groups
  • Marketing support

This is a crucial aspect of pre-sales since many clients evaluate responses from multiple vendors, and responses should address such competitive scan. The analysis could include using online tools, subscribing and analyzing research reports, analyst studies, market research data etc..

How Prime Potential Helps

Our integrated multi-channel contact center acts as a one-stop shop while addressing customers- initial requirements of adequate information about a product and then providing them personalized support. Closure to a query is critical, either by providing a resolve or effectively guiding to another function. We help you with

  • Product Information / Features / Guidance - Assist customers in their buy cycle, engage in demos, direct to relationship centers or provide policy updates
  • Browse to Buy Experience - Employ analytics to proactively reach out to customers on supporting specific product choices
  • Online Targeted & Predictive Support - Use predictive support to assist customers in their search
  • Special offers & Campaigns Run special campaigns for first time customers
  • Quotation preparation and collateral sharing Shared Sales Support
  • Product and Service Activations - Enable product activations on systems, online, assist in online buys

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